Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh God What Have I Been Doing

(and other things relating to things needing to be done.)

Well, the start of school has left me once again in a reach for time, and I would like to say sorry by doing an awesome update. Between a new campaign for my RPG group (we're trying Pathfinder, and I am having far too much fun writing character back stories), my super secret project that still isn't done, and teaching about ~90 people how to fence, it's been an exciting start to the semester.

My current concept for a Pathfinder character is an Awakened Bear Druid. Awakened animals being gifted with human intelligence by the spell 'Awaken' by a druid. The potential for puns is far too high for me to consider any other alternative character. I was also tasked to create a Cleric for our group, so obviously when I found a third party race known as Obitu (un-undead skeletons that are animated with positive energy, and other such silliness), there was really no turning back. He's also following the teachings of the goddess Milani, whose holy sign is a red rose. Nothing is more badass than a skeleton wading into battle with a rose in his teeth. Needless to say, it's going to be an entertaining campaign.

Otherwise, we've gotten a bumper crop of new people in fencing and being the men's sabre captain means I get a 1/6th share in making sure that they're up to snuff. It's been a rough couple of weeks (and I'm never one to make prompt arrivals,) but I feel like it's going to be a good year. The Ohio State tournament is coming up far sooner that I would like, but that's how the season tends to run. Also about to drop an ungodly amount of money on new equipment since my cords, lame, and glove all seemed to have died over the summer. My wallet will cry for a little while because of this, but I won't have access to club gear in a few months anyhow. Graduating sucks when it comes to these things.

Otherwise, work is continuing on my super secret project and I am hoping that my partner-in-crime will hurry up with her contributions. I won't spoil anything too much, but I'm really excited about it and it's taking a lot of effort not to just blabber on about it. I'll just say that I've been reading too much Bohme.

Also Project: No Caffeine failed miserably and I am now enjoying a variety of teas and sodas... I might not sleep tonight.