Sunday, February 12, 2012

Glorious Restart of Other Things and Such

Well, here we go again. I'm in the middle of working on studying for my next round of exams and I've started procrastinating again. I'm not exactly sure what or where this is going to go and I really don't care because idleness is awesome :D

So while I'm eating reheated chocolate chip pancakes, drinking fresh hibiscus tea and listening to 'Godspeed You! Black Emperor' (Which is either a highly overhyped or severely misrepresented band depending on who I'm talking to and the time of day) and pretending to do a whole lot of studying, I am re-starting this up as a way to say stuff that no one really wants to hear on Facebook (because I think no one really wants to hear about anything on that daemonic site [opinion also based on the weather]) and stuff that I actually want to say, mostly.

Forgiving that previous paragraph which seems to have evolved a serious case of parentheses bloat, I am excited to continue writing about uselessness that no one really wants to hear about- except me, because I'm important (subject to observer bias). So I will update this when I get bored of mindless self-indulgence of media, which is pretty much every day when I get bored.

I think this will be easier now that I am sure that what I put on here will be very poorly written and stream of thought (which I hate reading but love writing in, go figure). There is major complications in what I'm doing and I'm not so certain that sentence structure living and breakdown of moral/ethical standards please formulaic help derogatory me measurements.

The above breakdown being such an example of what can be expected (probably never again to that extent). I trust that all will be well and I'm switching musicians to 'Sigur rós' (Damn you copy and paste!) because my album ended half way though... I should look into buying a full copy next time, but that is another rant.

So long and farewell and such!
(Seriously, just leave. I need to pretend to study.)

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